What is RAID and how can you get your certification?

What is RAID?

RAID is a scuba diving training agency that was initially founded with a focus on rebreather training, specifically the Poseidon Mk VI Discovery Rebreather. RAID has since expanded to include recreational diving courses from beginner to professional levels.

RAID offers an extensive range of technical and rebreather courses as well as recreational scuba diving courses. You can also take freediving courses with RAID. RAID schools around the world conduct RAID diver training according to global standards with a focus on teaching divers buoyancy first. Considerable time is spend to get new divers into trim diving positions during skills practice. Often the instructors wear diving gear built for technical diving and even students often use side-mount or wing equipment during their beginner courses.

You can dive around the world once you hold your RAID diving certification. Like other organizations, you are limited to dive within your certification’s limits.

Do you to be certified to go diving at all?

What does RAID stand for?

RAID stands for the Rebreather Association of International Divers and was established in 2007 by Barry Coleman. The organization’s motto is ‘dive training in a class of its own’.

How Do I Get My RAID Certification?

To get certified with RAID, you would take your Open Water 20 course at any RAID dive center. All of RAID’s learning materials are digital and you will work through these on your own. A certified RAID instructor will then work through the knowledge with you as well as conduct confined skill training sessions and finally open water dives.

What is the minimum age to dive with RAID?

The minimum age for a dive experience with RAID is 10 years old. A 10 year old can participate in their non-certifying program called a ‘Try Dive’ or take the Junior Scuba Diver course.

The minimum age at which RAID issues a certificatino is 10 years old with additional junior depth restrictions and taylored learning materials.

Children that scuba dive are subject to different depth restrictions and special requirements.

The minimum age to become a Pro Member of RAID, such as a Divemaster or Instructor, is 18 years old.