Marie, a female commercial diver in her work suit

Q&A with the First Belgium Female Commercial Diver

Marie Vandenbosch is a 23-year old commercial diver from Belgium. She is the first female commercial diver from her country and currently works full-time with Submar. What is...
Maritime archaeologists hard at work by the shore

Q&A with a Maritime Archaeologist

Chanelle Zaphiropoulos is a Masters Candidate studying Maritime Archaeology. She is a scuba diver who mixes her love of the ocean with marine biology and maritime history. How...
Britney Ouellette freediving with coral underwater

Q&A with a Freediving Instructor

Today we chat to Britney Ouellette, a freediving competition winner with a personal best of 55 meters. She currently dives and teaches in Grand Cayman. How...
A photo of a hammerhead shark approaching. It is surrounded by fish.

Q&A with an UW Photographer

Today we chat with Paddy (UK), a divemaster who found a passion for (underwater) UW photography. What is your diving history? I did my open water course in 2007...
A commercial diver in his equipment including helmet.

Q&A with a Commercial Diver

A commercial diver is a diver who works underwater for long periods of time. Today we are chatting to Aiden, a commercial diver who works in Canada. What...
Shark Dive Instructor James and the sharks Melbourne Aquarium

Q&A with a Shark Dive Instructor – Melbourne

Today we are chatting to James Hawes (UK) who is currently working in Melbourne, Australia. What is your job title? I am a "SDX Instructor” (shark dive...

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