How Does A Snorkel Work?

How Does a Snorkel Work?

Snorkeling is a very popular recreational activity especially in warm waters around tropical islands. It allows you to explore the underwater world while remaining on the surface!...
can i snorkel with contact lenses

Can I Snorkel with Contact Lenses?

Snorkeling is a fun and inexpensive activity that can be done anywhere with water and a snorkeling or diving mask. But what about the people who don't...
What Does A Wetsuit Do

What Does a Wetsuit Do and How Does it Help You

Anyone that has ever worn a wetsuit knows how awkward they are to get into. And once you are wearing it, they certainly are not the most...
ways to equalize your ears

The Different Ways to Equalize Ears

Have you ever dived into the pool and realized that your ears started to hurt when you got deeper? This is because of the water pressure, and...
Man who can hold his breath underwater

How Long can Free Divers hold their Breath?

Free divers: those strange creatures diving underwater on a single breathe of air. This is such a foreign concept to a scuba diver; where the most important...

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