What is the relationship between Boyle's Law and Scuba Diving? Balloons are used in this example.

Boyle’s Law and Scuba Diving

One of the main concepts of physics explained in scuba diving is Boyle's Law. At a glance, it is a simple expression of a pressure and volume...
A red lionfish with a scuba diver. Who is the worst ocean invasive species?

Worst Ocean Invasive Species – The Top 5

A big cause of environmental change is the invasion of non-native species. Here we look at the top 5 worst ocean invasive species that are currently blighting...
a baby looking out onto the ocean. Find out the best boy names that mean ocean here.

Boy Names that mean Ocean

As scuba divers, we love the ocean and the water. This means when we start popping out babies, we might want to consider ocean and water themed...
can you wear contacts in the ocean

Can you Wear Contacts in the Ocean?

Can you wear contacts in the ocean while enjoying a scuba diver or a snorkeling trip? The simple answer is Yes! Many divers have some form of...

What Colors Attract Sharks, and Why?

As a diver, you may have heard the expression “Yum Yum Yellow,” illustrating the common idea that sharks are more attracted by the color, yellow. But is...
top 10 most dangerous marine animals - the shark

Top 10 Most Dangerous Marine Animals

The ocean is one of the most beautiful places in the world! But it’s not all flowers and glitter down there. It’s home to some dangerous animals...

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