Two spotted eagle rays gliding above

A Guide to Spotted Eagle Rays – Aetobatus narinari

We are going Batoid for Spotted Eagle Rays in this Ultimate Guide to Aetobatus narinari! Related to the manta ray and other marine batoids (rays), these stunning animals...
Lionel with a sea urchin in foot in Koh Rong, Cambodia

Sea Urchin in Foot Removal & Treatment

If you have ever ventured out into the ocean as a surfer, swimmer, or scuba diver, you have likely come across one of the many interesting species...
A lemon shark showing its nares. The nares help figure out how far away can sharks smell blood.

How Far Away Can Sharks Smell Blood

Sharks have a strong sense of smell. They have this ability thanks to their nostrils or nares, which are found beneath their snouts. The nares exist only...
Woman snorkeling underwater using the best reef safe sunscreen

Best Reef Safe Sunscreen

Let’s face it, there is nothing better than a day out in the sun! And while it is crucial to protect your skin against harmful UV rays,...
Citizen scientist, Kathlyn Tan Sharks4kids Presentation

Q&A with a Marine Citizen Scientist

We meet Kathlyn Tan, scuba diver, freediver, conservationist, and Project AWARE ambassador. She co-founded Coastal Natives in Singapore, a community dedicated to ocean education and conservation through...
2 scuba divers descending - how deep is 47 meters?

How Deep is 47 Meters – Can You Survive that Depth?

Scuba divers have polarising views of the fantasy movie, '47 Meters Down.' It's great because there just aren't enough scuba diving films out there, but at the...
Ultimate Guide to Clownfish, what are their habits?

How Big is a Clownfish? – The Ultimate Guide to Clownfish

Made famous by the blockbuster movie, Finding Nemo, clownfish are small fish, orange in color with white stripes outlined in black. They usually reside in a sea...
Three snorkelers swimming over sand. Is sand fish poop?

Is Sand Fish Poop? The Burning Question

We've all heard the rumors, but is it all true? Do we really lay down our beach towels on tiny pellets of poop? Let's check out this...
Mantis Shrimp Koh Tao - Marine Life Facts

Incredible and Fun Marine Life Facts

Who doesn't love knowing more about marine life facts? Especially if you are an underwater diver! So let's dive deep into some interesting and fun marine life...
Maritime archaeologists hard at work by the shore

Q&A with a Maritime Archaeologist

Chanelle Zaphiropoulos is a Masters Candidate studying Maritime Archaeology. She is a scuba diver who mixes her love of the ocean with marine biology and maritime history. How...

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