How To Clean Snorkel Gear. Snorkeler about to enter the water.
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We are off snorkeling again! Such an exciting pass-time for the whole family. But whether you own your own snorkel mask or rented a shiny set from the dive shop, it is good to know how to clean snorkel gear.

How to Clean Snorkel Gear

Caring for snorkel gear is much easier than you might think. After you use it, simply rinse it in warm soapy water and rub the lens as well as the silicone or rubber skirt. Let the snorkel gear dry in a shaded area and store it out of direct sunlight.

That’s it! This is also how to clean full-face snorkel masks. The only difference being that there are more areas that are difficult to reach.

Why You Should Invest In Your Own Snorkel Mask

Snorkeling is a great introduction to the underwater world. Many people that snorkel fall in love with the ocean and pursue scuba diving later on. A good quality snorkel mask is more than able to serve your scuba diving needs as well.

You won’t have to worry about rental snorkel gear cleanliness having your own mask. Especially since your face and mouth are areas shared with other snorkelers. I always recommend rinsing rental snorkel gear thoroughly with anti-septic solution. Dettol is a fantastic option for this.

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How to Fit a Snorkel Mask

Don’t let anyone rush you. Shops that try to push a sale are not where you want to get your mask from. Some masks fit perfectly for one person and are useless for another. You really have to take the time and try them on.

To do this, you want to:

  1. Look up and place the mask on your face
  2. Feel around the skirt for any large gaps
  3. Lightly push the mask down and breathe in through your nose
  4. It should form a vacuum and not press anywhere or feel uncomfortable

Once you have chosen your mask, ask the dive pro how to adjust the snorkel mask strap and figure out the best snorkel placement on the mask. Countless times I witnessed new divers and snorkelers not properly attaching their snorkels and losing them in the ocean.

I recommend using a silicone or rubber looped snorkel release. These are very easy to adjust, attach, and remove. You are also much less likely to lose your snorkel with one of these releases.

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That’s all you need to know on how to care for your snorkel & mask. Properly maintained snorkeling gear will last you a very long time.

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How To Clean A Foggy Snorkel Mask

If you are already out there snorkeling, but your mask keeps fogging up, use these tricks.

New Masks

New snorkel masks tend to fog up a lot more. To stop this from happening you can ask a dive pro to “burn” the mask. Using a lighter they will burn off the protective layer from the tempered glass. With this layer gone, fog is unable to form as easily.

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Some deem this method a little aggressive and prefer to coat the inside of the mask with white toothpaste over night. This has a similar effect.

In my experience, burning works. Just make sure you ask someone that knows how to do it properly.

Rental Masks or Your Own Mask

Spitting in your mask is still the easiest method. This prevents the mask from fogging.

Applying a thin layer of baby soap on the inside of the glass also prevents fogging.

You can also go fancy and apply a thin layer of dive mask anti fog, which is a very mild soap-like substance that achieves the same.

Now you know how to clean snorkel gear, you are ready for your next adventure in the ocean!