man snorkeling with turtle

Do Rash Guards Keep You Warm?

Rash guards or skin-suits have now made their way in the diving community and became an essential part of a diver’s gear. Rash guards are not to...
why do we need weights in scuba diving?

Why do we need Weights in SCUBA Diving?

Weights are an essential part of any scuba diver's equipment. Put simply, the weights allow us to descend in a controlled manner, and more importantly, to ascend...

How Does a Drysuit Work? The Ultimate Guide

If you plan on diving in Europe or North America, most likely you would have come across a 'drysuit.' This is a piece of optimal equipment when...
female diver looking into the camera

What do Women Wear Under Wetsuits?

So you’re planning on doing a water sport; surfing, snorkeling or scuba diving! And you’re going to be wearing a wetsuit, maybe for the first time. But...

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