An underwater photographer checking out his equipment during a dive

How to get into Underwater Photography

Scuba diving is a great way to check out the underwater world. Combining diving with photography is even better so you can keep those memories, not just...
The advantages and disadvantages of a snorkel while scuba diving.

Disadvantages of a Snorkel (and some Advantages)!

Ah, a snorkel or a tuba. This tube-like object is such a simple and efficient piece of equipment. It allows us to continuously breathe when we observe...
A man wearing a wetsuit is upside down as he contemplates how much does a wetsuit cost?

How Much Does a Wetsuit Cost

Wetsuits are very versatile exposure protection suits. They will keep you warm from the cold, shield you from potential marine life stings, and cushion you from any...
We see four dive watches. Three are digital and one is analogue. What is a dive watch

What is a Dive Watch and Dive Computer

A dive watch was and is the epitome of wealth, class, and good taste. It is a watch that is rugged, durable, and looks damn good. But...
This bubble ring underwater reminds us of a soft contact lens. We want to know more about scuba diving with soft contact lenses.

Scuba Diving with Soft Contact Lenses

In my teens, my eyesight was tested and I was found to be short-sighted and needed to wear glasses. This was a catastrophe as it was just...
A rescue diver equipment list includes your normal diving setup plus extra things

Rescue Diver Equipment List

The Rescue Diver course is a challenging course that will drain you mentally and physically. If you are not exhausted after this scuba diving course, then you...
A man scuba diving with a school of fish. We want to know what thickness wetsuit do I need for these temperatures.

What Thickness Wetsuit do I Need

As a scuba diver, it is imperative to pay special attention to the water temperature as you prepare for a dive so that you stay comfortable and,...
Man wearing a wetsuit scuba diving surrounded by sharks

Wetsuit Temperature Guide SCUBA, Snorkel & More

Getting into the water and thinking of using a wetsuit? Find the best-suited wetsuit with our handy wetsuit temperature guide for SCUBA diving, snorkeling, freediving, surfing and...
A photo of a hammerhead shark approaching. It is surrounded by fish.

Q&A with an UW Photographer

Today we chat with Paddy (UK), a divemaster who found a passion for (underwater) UW photography. What is your diving history? I did my open water course in 2007...
A commercial diver in his equipment including helmet.

Q&A with a Commercial Diver

A commercial diver is a diver who works underwater for long periods of time. Today we are chatting to Aiden, a commercial diver who works in Canada. What...

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