How To Clean Snorkel Gear. Snorkeler about to enter the water.

How to Clean Snorkel Gear | Snorkeling Tips

We are off snorkeling again! Such an exciting pass-time for the whole family. But whether you own your own snorkel mask or rented a shiny...
Snorkeling With A Beard. Man flipping beard in the water.

Snorkeling with a Beard or Mustache Comfortably

Trying to enjoy some tropical snorkeling but your Lumberjack beard getting in the way? I don't have this problem so much, as it takes a...
Boy enjoying his snorkel trip. What Do You Need To Go Snorkeling?

What Do You Need To Go Snorkeling?

You just arrived on a beautiful tropical island with your family. Now everyone wants to hit the beach for their first time snorkeling experience. But...
Amazing rock formations while scuba diving in warm water Lombok Indonesia

What to Wear Scuba Diving in Warm Water

Heading somewhere tropical and going scuba diving? Then you are probably trying to figure out what to wear scuba diving in warm water! Well, as...
Scuba Diving Equipment on a liveaboard

Scuba Diving Equipment List and Uses

Are you getting into scuba diving and not sure what is needed to scuba dive? Or maybe you are ready to purchase your own equipment...
How To Navigate with a Compass Underwater when you are scuba diving. A photo of a standard diving compass.

How To Navigate with a Compass Underwater

Navigation using maps, even GPS systems, especially in a car has to be among the number one causes for couples arguing. The word compass alone...
An underwater photographer checking out his equipment during a dive

How to get into Underwater Photography

Scuba diving is a great way to check out the underwater world. Combining diving with photography is even better so you can keep those memories,...
The advantages and disadvantages of a snorkel while scuba diving.

Disadvantages of a Snorkel (and some Advantages)!

Ah, a snorkel or a tuba. This tube-like object is such a simple and efficient piece of equipment. It allows us to continuously breathe when...
A man wearing a wetsuit is upside down as he contemplates how much does a wetsuit cost?

How Much Does a Wetsuit Cost

Wetsuits are very versatile exposure protection suits. They will keep you warm from the cold, shield you from potential marine life stings, and cushion you...
We see four dive watches. Three are digital and one is analogue. What is a dive watch

What is a Dive Watch and Dive Computer

A dive watch was and is the epitome of wealth, class, and good taste. It is a watch that is rugged, durable, and looks damn...

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