Best Womens wetsuits for 2021

Best Reviewed Womens Wetsuits 2021

Wetsuits are the best defense against the cold temperatures when enjoying a watersport. Wetsuits are available for all; mens, children, and of course, womens wetsuits. Wetsuits are...
Christmas Diving Gifts for Divers - 2020

Last Minute Diving Christmas Gifts for Divers – 2020

It's the month OF Christmas and soon to be the night-BEFORE Christmas, so what should you get for the diver who has everything? It might not be...
Why Do Scuba Divers Dive Backwards - The Junk Liveaboard Thailand

Why Do Scuba Divers Dive Backwards?

Why do scuba divers dive backwards? Because otherwise they'd fall into the boat! Haha. This is the popular punchline of this joke and meme that salty divers...
A Suunto Dive Computer

Best Dive Computer for Beginners

Hand to heart, I'm a big fan of the Suunto Zoop dive computer. It is easily one of the best dive computers for beginners that is currently...
Scuba diving dangers, what are they and how to avoid them?

Scuba Diving Dangers and How to Avoid Them

Scuba diving is a widely accessible activity that children and adults enjoy. It allows you to breathe underwater while exploring colorful coral reefs, historical wrecks, and see...
DIN adapter on a yoke valve cylinder tank

DIN Valve vs Yoke Valve – Which Valve is Safer?

In scuba diving and on our cylinder tanks, we use two different valves. You will have first heard of these valves in your Open Water course. Let's...
Scuba diving with glasses underwater!

Scuba Diving with Glasses – Is It Possible?

A common question asked by new divers is whether you can go scuba diving with glasses. Unfortunately, you cannot use your prescription glasses during a dive as...
What to wear snorkeling for fun, comfort and safety

What to Wear Snorkeling for Fun, Comfort, and Safety!

Snorkeling is a fun and relaxing activity that allows you to observe the underwater marine life. But if you have never been snorkeling before, it can be...
Preventing mask squeeze on a scuba dive

How to Prevent Mask Squeeze

Have you ever come up from a dive with red markings around your face? It might be a mask squeeze. But why does it happen, and how?...
The small and compact Suunto d4i dive computer

Smallest Dive Computer for Everyday Use

Looking for the smallest dive computer that won't look like a brick on your wrist? You've come to the right place. As someone with 'dainty' and 'flimsy'...

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