How deep can you Scuba dive?

How Deep can you Scuba Dive?

There is a little bit of an explorer in all of us. Most of us dream of visiting places few have gone before. We awe...
What Does A Wetsuit Do

What Does a Wetsuit Do and How Does it Help You

Anyone that has ever worn a wetsuit knows how awkward they are to get into. And once you are wearing it, they certainly are not...
can you wear contacts in the ocean

Can you Wear Contacts in the Ocean?

Can you wear contacts in the ocean while enjoying a scuba diver or a snorkeling trip? The simple answer is Yes! Many divers have some...

How to make a Weight Belt for Diving?

SCUBA diving will require some weights. Some people will need more weights, and some people can go down with little to no weights. The weights...
ways to equalize your ears

The Different Ways to Equalize Ears

Have you ever dived into the pool and realized that your ears started to hurt when you got deeper? This is because of the water...
how to get rid of blocked ears after diving

How To Get Rid of Blocked Ears after Diving

The quick answer – don’t get them blocked in the first place! One of the first things you will have been taught when learning to...
why do we need weights in scuba diving?

Why do we need Weights in SCUBA Diving?

Weights are an essential part of any scuba diver's equipment. Put simply, the weights allow us to descend in a controlled manner, and more importantly,...
how to ascend in scuba diving

How to Ascend in Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a fun sport that can be enjoyed by most people of all ages and levels of fitness. But with any activity, there...
discover scuba diving depth limit

Discover Scuba Diving Depth Limit

If you are looking for the scuba diving depth for beginners, then you’ve come to the right place! Here we will look at the official...

How Hard is it to Scuba Dive?

Scuba diving is an activity that you might be interested in, especially when you’re on a tropical holiday. But how hard is it to scuba...

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