Diver with suspected decompression sickness also called 'the bends'. DCS can cause join pain and immobility.

Why is Decompression Sickness Called the Bends?

Many people hear the term 'the bends' but don't know exactly what it is. I had heard of the term well before my first scuba dive but...
A photo of a hammerhead shark approaching. It is surrounded by fish.

Q&A with an UW Photographer

Today we chat with Paddy (UK), a divemaster who found a passion for (underwater) UW photography. What is your diving history? I did my open water course in 2007...
A commercial diver in his equipment including helmet.

Q&A with a Commercial Diver

A commercial diver is a diver who works underwater for long periods of time. Today we are chatting to Aiden, a commercial diver who works in Canada. What...
A scuba diver with a school of fish. Let's check this Scuba Acronym Guide.

SCUBA Acronym – Use this Guide to Get you Started!

Have you started SCUBA diving and thought that there's no chance of you remembering all of these wacky acronyms that we use? Don't worry, you're not alone!...

How Old Do You Have to be to Scuba Dive

Getting comfortable in the water at a young age is important in gaining a healthy respect for the water world. And if your child is interested in...
What To Wear Under Board Shorts when snorkeling, swimming and scuba diving

What to Wear Under Board Shorts?

Getting into the water or hitting the beach? You might choose to wear board shorts; a cool, laidback, and trendy piece of clothing that can go from...
Older man contemplating if there is a maximum age for scuba diving

Maximum Age for Scuba Diving

In recent years scuba diving has become more and more popular with younger and older divers, due to its accessibility and interest. According to the Diver’s Alert...
Man pointing to the surface of the water showing the difference between snorkeling and scuba diving

The Difference between Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

71% of Earth is covered by water, which means there is a lot to explore! So if you ready to take the plunge into the water world,...
Scuba diver in the blue ocean

How Long Does it Take to Get Scuba Certified

Scuba diving is a fun and accessible activity, and getting scuba certified is a relatively easy process. But how long does it take to get scuba certified,...
Shark Dive Instructor James and the sharks Melbourne Aquarium

Q&A with a Shark Dive Instructor – Melbourne

Today we are chatting to James Hawes (UK) who is currently working in Melbourne, Australia. What is your job title? I am a "SDX Instructor” (shark dive...

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