Scuba Diving Equipment on a liveaboard

Scuba Diving Equipment List and Uses

Are you getting into scuba diving and not sure what is needed to scuba dive? Or maybe you are ready to purchase your own equipment and need...
How To Navigate with a Compass Underwater when you are scuba diving. A photo of a standard diving compass.

How To Navigate with a Compass Underwater

Navigation using maps, even GPS systems, especially in a car has to be among the number one causes for couples arguing. The word compass alone can send...
Going to altitude after diving may be a problem because of our bodies.

Going to Altitude after Diving may be a Problem because of Physics

Have you ever wondered if you can go for a wreck dive in the morning, then pack up your gear, get in your car and drive up...
A scuba instructor showing us what scuba diving is underwater.

What is Scuba Diving – All You Need To Know

You've probably heard of the term 'SCUBA' and wondered, what is scuba diving? Is it similar to snorkeling? No. Do you need special equipment or training for...
Maritime archaeologists hard at work by the shore

Q&A with a Maritime Archaeologist

Chanelle Zaphiropoulos is a Masters Candidate studying Maritime Archaeology. She is a scuba diver who mixes her love of the ocean with marine biology and maritime history. How...
What Is Nitrogen Narcosis caused by? How can I prevent it? This diver successfully recovered from mild nitrogen narcosis.

What Is Nitrogen Narcosis? The Easy Explanation.

During your scuba diving training you will have come across the term, 'Gas or Nitrogen Narcosis.' You may have even heard of people getting 'narced' during a...
What is the Difference a Cave and a Cavern in scuba diving?

What is the Difference Between a Cave and a Cavern?

Cave. Cavern. Same. Same. Well in a way that is true. We all use the terms 'cave' and 'cavern' interchangeably. This blurs the differences between the two....
Diving after Covid-19 is unknown for divers in the industry

Predictions for Scuba Diving after COVID-19

As a person who relies on the scuba diving and tourism industries, for income, and as a career, it may be time to worry. Right now we...
Can You Open Your Eyes in the Ocean when snorkelling, scuba diving or swimming?

Can You Open Your Eyes in the Ocean?

I feel at home in the ocean. I love to swim in it, scuba dive, and even live near it. Humans, however, are not built for the...
This bubble ring underwater reminds us of a soft contact lens. We want to know more about scuba diving with soft contact lenses.

Scuba Diving with Soft Contact Lenses

In my teens, my eyesight was tested and I was found to be short-sighted and needed to wear glasses. This was a catastrophe as it was just...

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