A scuba diver contemplating the differences between a scuba diving vs open water certification

Scuba Diver vs Open Water Certification

Great! You have decided to get certified in scuba diving and are weighing up the options of a scuba diver vs open water certification. What are the...
Scuba cylinders on a dive boat. How Many Years Does A Scuba Tank Last?

How Many Years Does a Scuba Tank Last?

How many years does a scuba tank last? Making sure your equipment is in working order is every certified diver's responsibility. The cylinder holds your air, so...
Diver getting ready on the surface. What Happens When You Hold Your Breath While Scuba Diving?

What Happens When You Hold Your Breath While Scuba Diving?

Never Hold Your Breath. This is the most important rule in scuba diving. Beginner and certified divers learn this during their PADI, SSI, or RAID courses. They...
Maritime Archaeologist, Chanelle, taking measurements underwater. This is one of many scuba diving employment opportunities for divers.

Scuba Diving Employment Opportunities

Love scuba diving, and want to get paid for it? There are quite a few different scuba diving roles where you can combine your passion for diving,...
Standard Scuba Tank Submersible Pressure Gauge

How Long Does a Scuba Tank Last?

How long does a scuba tank last? A simple question. However, there is no shortcut for the answer. Several factors will determine how long an air tank...
BWRAF Scuba Buddy Check is important before every dive. These divers will do a check before descending

BWRAF Scuba Buddy Check Acronym

A Buddy Check is very important before every scuba dive. But the steps are sometimes difficult to remember, especially if you have just completed your Open Water...
Scuba divers diving on a wreck. It is important to know how to give a good briefing before every dive.

How to Give a Good Briefing for Scuba Diving

In scuba diving, you are always told to 'Plan your dive, and dive your plan.' This is a step that all divers should be doing for their...
Emma diving on Koh Tao. There's lots of curries in Thailand so find out what to eat and what to avoid before scuba diving.

What to Eat before Diving, and What to Avoid

Going scuba diving and don't want to burp curry into your regulator during the dive? I've been there and done that, and it ain't nice. So here...
Scuba Diving Equipment on a liveaboard

Scuba Diving Equipment List and Uses

Are you getting into scuba diving and not sure what is needed to scuba dive? Or maybe you are ready to purchase your own equipment and need...
How To Navigate with a Compass Underwater when you are scuba diving. A photo of a standard diving compass.

How To Navigate with a Compass Underwater

Navigation using maps, even GPS systems, especially in a car has to be among the number one causes for couples arguing. The word compass alone can send...

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