scuba diver holding a camera

How do Scuba Divers go Up and Down?

Scuba diving is best done underwater. To get underwater, we need to go down. Humans are quite buoyant which means we naturally will float on the surface....
Preventing mask squeeze on a scuba dive

How to Prevent Mask Squeeze

Have you ever come up from a dive with red markings around your face? It might be a mask squeeze. But why does it happen, and how?...
A diver taking a selfie underwater. We want to know mask clearing tips to use underwater.

Mask Clearing Tips – Mask Removal & Replacement

One of the most important skills, if not, the most important skill needed in scuba diving is knowing how to clear your mask underwater. Mask clearing is...
Scuba divers diving under a boat. What is a no decompression limit in scuba diving?

No Decompression Limit (NDL) – The Easy Answer

As a scuba diver, you would have come across the term, No Decompression Limit or NDL. It is also referred to as no-stop time or zero time....
Divemasters in Thailand diving on Koh Tao. What is a typical divemaster salary?

What is a typical Divemaster Salary in Thailand?

Thinking of heading to tropical Thailand to work and live as a divemaster? If you're not, then you should be! Thailand is the land of sun, smiles,...
How to make a bubble ring underwater. Scuba diver blowing a bubble ring.

How to Make a Bubble Ring Underwater

Blowing a bubble ring underwater is definitely a cool way to show off. Many of my students are very interested in being able to make bubble rings...
A boat in the water. We want to know what does a Diver Down Flag look like

What Does a Diver Down Flag Look Like – Two Types

Scuba diving is a safe activity but it does have some risks. One of the main risks is boat traffic above the diver. If you are below...
A scuba diver contemplating the differences between a scuba diving vs open water certification

Scuba Diver vs Open Water Certification

Great! You have decided to get certified in scuba diving and are weighing up the options of a scuba diver vs open water certification. What are the...
Scuba cylinders on a dive boat. How Many Years Does A Scuba Tank Last?

How Many Years Does a Scuba Tank Last?

How many years does a scuba tank last? Making sure your equipment is in working order is every certified diver's responsibility. The cylinder holds your air, so...
Diver getting ready on the surface. What Happens When You Hold Your Breath While Scuba Diving?

What Happens When You Hold Your Breath While Scuba Diving?

Never Hold Your Breath. This is the most important rule in scuba diving. Beginner and certified divers learn this during their PADI, SSI, or RAID courses. They...

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