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Why Do Scuba Divers Dive Backwards?

Why do scuba divers dive backwards? Because otherwise they'd fall into the boat! Haha. This is the popular punchline of this joke and meme that salty divers...
Scuba diving dangers, what are they and how to avoid them?

Scuba Diving Dangers and How to Avoid Them

Scuba diving is a widely accessible activity that children and adults enjoy. It allows you to breathe underwater while exploring colorful coral reefs, historical wrecks, and see...
What Is Decompression Sickness? A scuba diver during a wreck penetration dive.

What Is Decompression Sickness?

What is decompression sickness or DCS? In short, decompression sickness is getting sick when changing from a high-pressure environment to a lower pressure environment. Humans can safely...
This diver is pinching his nose and using the Toynbee Maneuver to equalize as he descends.

Using the Toynbee Maneuver to Equalize

Your body will need to adapt when you are subjected to different surrounding pressures. You will feel the pressure change in your ears as your middle ears...
2 scuba divers descending - how deep is 47 meters?

How Deep is 47 Meters – Can You Survive that Depth?

Scuba divers have polarising views of the fantasy movie, '47 Meters Down.' It's great because there just aren't enough scuba diving films out there, but at the...
A blurry scuba diver underwater. Scuba diving and alcohol is a dangerous combination.

Scuba Diving and Drinking Alcohol – Why Not?

Scuba diving and drinking alcohol is a no-no. But why and what are the risks involved? And can you drink alcohol after a dive? Scuba Diving and Drinking...
PADI Master Scuba Diver Vs Divemaster infographic

Master Scuba Diver vs Divemaster – Which Certification to Choose?

Master Scuba Diver vs Divemaster. Both titles sound very cool as a diver. But what do they actually mean, and how do you receive the certification? Take...
NAUI vs PADI the key differences infographic

NAUI vs PADI – Which Agency Should I Choose?

New divers are often wondering whether to choose NAUI vs PADI when first starting out as a diver. There are many similarities between these two popular scuba...
Scuba Weight Calculator

Scuba Weight Calculator – Try It

With our scuba weight calculator, we hope to provide you with an estimate of how much weight you need on your dive. So that on your next...
scuba diver holding a camera

How do Scuba Divers go Up and Down?

Scuba diving is best done underwater. To get underwater, we need to go down. Humans are quite buoyant which means we naturally will float on the surface....

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