Scuba diving requires a level of physical fitness. Here are some recommended workouts for scuba divers.

Workouts for Scuba Divers & Fitness Requirements for Diving

With any sport, maintaining a good level of fitness will always make it more enjoyable and easier to perform, and scuba diving is no different. Try running 10...
Practicing neutral buoyancy skills during the Open Water diving certification course.

Open Water Diver Certification Facts

If you are thinking about going scuba diving then you will have come across the term 'open water diver certification.' But what does it mean exactly, and...
Flying after scuba diving - a plane wreck underwater

Flying After Scuba Diving – What Are The Risks?

Not flying after scuba diving is a subject that comes up in any Open Water certification course. This topic should also be mentioned to anyone scuba diving, whether...
Madixx Russell diving in cold water - Canada.

How to Prepare For Cold Water Diving

Everybody’s first dive will forge its individual experience deep into the memory bank of that diver. The interesting thing I have realized was that many of those...
Nitrox diving on Koh Tao - Thailand

Nitrox Diving – What is Enriched Air?

Along your scuba diving journey, you may have noticed that some tanks or cylinders have bright green and yellow markings. These tanks represent enriched air, which means...
Diver on a decompression dive while surrounded by a school of fish.

What is a Decompression Dive? How Deco Stops Can Save Your Life

Most scuba divers will have an Open water or maybe an Advanced Open water certification allowing them to dive to depths up to 30 meters. All of these...
Bar Pressure .vs PSI Pressure

What is Bar Pressure vs. PSI Pressure in Scuba Diving?

As a scuba diver, you will certainly come across the terms 'Bar' and/or 'PSI.' But what exactly do they mean? Well, as a scuba instructor, I hear this...
My instructor tips for scuba diving for beginners.

Scuba Diving for Beginners – Tips for New Open Water Divers

Imagine being on a tropical island, and your best mate asks you to join them in signing up for an Open Water scuba diving course. You say...
PADI scuba diving certification cards

What To Do When You Lose Your PADI Diving Card

Lost your PADI diving certification card? You're not the first person to do it, and you won't be the last! So, here's our quick guide on what...
A scuba diver underwater. Learning the no mask breathing skill is important.

No Mask Breathing – Scuba Skills You Need to Know

No mask breathing? Why would we ever do this underwater? Well, it's actually a skill that is required in most diving courses, whether you are diving with PADI,...

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