As scuba divers, we love the ocean and the water. This means when we start popping out babies, we might want to consider ocean and water themed names for them. Some will be more obvious and some will be more subtle. But either way, it will be a great reflection of our love for the ocean! Check out some of the traditional boy names that mean ocean below, and some great ocean names for girls. And of course, these names are not gender-specific and can be used whichever way you prefer.

Find out the age when your little water-baby can go for their first scuba dive!

Boy names that mean ocean or are water-related:

Alon – Filipino for ‘wave’

Arnav – Indian name for ‘ocean’

Caspian – The geographical name of the sea between Asia and Europe

Delmar – Spanish name for ‘of the sea’

Deniz – Turkish origin meaning ‘sea, waves’

Devere – French origin meaning ‘of the fishing place’

Dorian – Greek origin for ‘of the sea’

Fisher – comes from ‘fisherman’ or Fischer, typically a German surname derived from the profession

Fisk – English origins for a ‘fisherman’

Haf – Icelandic origin for ‘ocean’

Havelock, Scandinavian origin meaning ‘sea competition’

Hurley – Irish origin meaning ‘sea tide’ and also a very cool surfing brand name

Irving – Scottish origin meaning ‘green river, sea friend’

Kai – Hawaiin origin meaning ‘sea,’ also has Japanese meanings including ‘ocean’ and ‘shell’

Lir – Irish god of the sea

Llyr – Welsh for ‘the sea’

Malik – Arabic origin meaning ‘king; wave’

Marino – Latin origin meaning ‘of the sea’

Marvin – Welsh origin meaning ‘sea hill’

Merlin – Welsh origin meaning ‘sea fortress’ and also the name of the sorcerer and mentor of King Arthur

Morrisey – Irish origin meaning ‘sea taboo’

Neptune – in Roman mythology, this is the name of the god of the sea

Ocean – Greek origin meaning ‘Sea’

Oceanus – Greek origin and the Titan in Greek mythology

Pacific – Latin origin meaning ‘tranquil’

Pelagios – Greek origin meaning ‘from the sea’

Pike – English origin meaning a type of fish

Poseidon – Was one of the Twelve Olympians in ancient Greek religion and myth and god of the sea, storms, earthquakes and horses.

Rafferty – Irish origin meaning ‘floodtide, abundance, prosperity’

Skip/Skipper – boat hand

Triton – Greek god who was a messenger of the sea and the son of sea god Neptune. He is the name of Ariel’s father in The Little Mermaid and is usually represented as a merman in folklore

Varuna or Varun- Hindu origin meaning ‘God of water’

Ocean names for Girls and water-themed

Asia – In Greek mythology, Asia is the daughter of Oceanus, and mother to Atlas and Mrometheus

Ariel – The lead character from The Little Mermaid

Athena – Greek goddess

Aukai – Hawaiian origin for ‘explorer of the sea’

Bahari – Swahili for ‘ocean’

Blue – the colour of the ocean

Brooke – a small stream of water

Cari – Turkish origin for ‘flows like water’

Coral – A lovely color and an important part of the ocean

Daria – Persian for ‘sea’

Doria – Greek origin for ‘of the sea’

Galia – Hebrew for ‘wave’

Indra – The name of a Hindu god who reigned over the sky and the rain

Lana – Hawaiian for ‘calm as still waters’

Marina – a harbor for boats

Meri – Finnish origin for ‘sea’

Moana – Maori origin for ‘wide expanse of water, deep sea’ and make famous from the Disney movie

Mazu – Chinese goddess of the sea

Naia – Hawaiian origin for ‘to flow’

Nahla – Arabic origin for ‘drink of water’

Ocean, Oceane, Oceania – Greek origin meaning ‘Sea’

Pearl – a natural jewel from the sea

Sereia- Portuguese word for ‘mermaid’

Samudra – Indonesia for ‘ocean’

Umiko – Japanese for ‘child of the sea’

Varuna –  Hindu origin meaning ‘God of water and oceans’

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Celebrity names ocean or water-themed

Forest Whitaker, an inspired child namer (his other kids are called Sonnet and True), has a son named Ocean Alexander.

River Phoenix

Jamie Oliver has a child named River Rocket Blue Dallas

Kelly Clarkson’s daughter is River Rose

Let us know any other ocean or water-themed names. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!