Kid in the swimming pool wearing the best snorkel mask set.
Making sure the best snorkel mask is safe for your kids is important. Image: Melinda Martin / Unsplash

Looking for the best snorkel mask for kids? It’s important to know what to look for when choosing equipment to introduce your kids to the magical water world.

There is no doubt that snorkeling is one of the most interesting activities for kids. But they need high-quality snorkel kits to have an immersive and safe experience. Ill-fitting fins and leaky masks are things you want to avoid when choosing the best snorkel mask set. You don’t want to leave a bad underwater first experience for your kids!

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This is why we began researching some of the best products currently in the market. Read on as we make a comprehensive review of the 5 Best Snorkel Masks for kids plus a well-detailed Buyer’s Guide to help you make an informed choice.

Top 5 Snorkel Masks for Kids Review

Cressi Junior Snorkeling Kit


  • Splash guard – The penetration of water into the snorkel could cause panic that may affect your child’s snorkeling experience. With the use of the splash guard to stop water from entering the snorkel, swimming will be extremely safe and easy.
  • Tough mask lenses – The mask lenses are not flimsy. They are constructed from sturdy tempered glass for improved durability. They have a double window design that helps kids gain a wide field of vision.
  • Extremely comfortable – The mask skirt is made with soft silicone for exceptional skin comfort. Kids’ growing feet and heads are also taken into consideration since the snorkel kit comes with straps and quick-release buckles for a comfortable fit. 

If you are looking for quality pocket-friendly snorkeling equipment for your kids, the Cressi Junior snorkeling kit is your best bet. It is designed for kids from ages 7 to 15. The kit comes with quick-release buckles and adjustable straps to accommodate your kids’ growing feet and heads.

The mask lenses are made from tough tempered glass for increased durability. It includes a splash guard to prevent water from gaining access into the tube. This makes it safe and easy for kids to breathe comfortably on the surface of the water. With the short and easy to use fins, kids will have great control while swimming. The package includes a mesh bag for easy storage of all the snorkeling gear. It is backed by 2 years limited warranty.

Gintenco Kids Snorkel Kit


  • Anti-fog mask – The mask lenses are anti-fog. It allows kids to have clear visibility with its 180 degrees panoramic view. Kids can snorkel with it comfortably without any complaints or issues.  
  • Watertight skirt – Kids will surely love the leak-free skirt of the mask. It creates a watertight seal on their faces to ensure that water doesn’t get in and spoil their underwater fun. 
  • Adjustable strap – With the adjustable mask straps, kids can always have a comfortable fit anytime they want to swim, snorkel or go scuba diving. The strap adjustment is from 10 inches to 19.6 inches.

You can’t go wrong with the Gintenco kids snorkel kit. This is a cool snorkel kit that offers effortless breathing for kids. It is safe and perfect for kids’ underwater activity due to its’ unique design. The equipment has a dry top anti-splash design which helps to guarantee more safety. The tube is designed to ensure that once it is underwater, the entrance is shut to keep water out.

The mask lenses are anti-fog and made from tempered glass to withstand impact. The mask offers a broad view to give kids a superior experience when swimming or snorkeling. When it comes to the skirt of the mask, kids will find it extremely comfortable as it is also leak-free. It is made from soft silicone for added safety and comfort so kids can have more fun-filled times underwater. The straps of the snorkel mask can be adjusted for a perfect fit.

ProDive Premium Dry Top Snorkel Set


  • Ease of use – This snorkel set stands out for its ease of use. The mask fits well and can be adjusted for a comfortable fit. It also comes with a waterproof bag for ease of carrying the gear all at once when hitting the beach.
  • No leaks – The snorkel equipment makes kids safe and comfortable with its leak-free design. Water is kept out with a watertight silicone seal face to ensure kids have fun to the fullest without feeling panicked from water entering in.
  • Extremely safe – The product offers increased safety for kids since the dry-top snorkel mouthpiece is non-toxic having been made from food-grade material.

This extremely affordable snorkel set has got everything your kids need to start their snorkeling quest. It comes with a dry-top scuba mask that is completely submersible and a snorkel that keeps water at bay even when there are waves. Your kids will always see clearly while underwater using the anti-fog lenses made with tempered glass. The glass lenses are impact-resistant and fit most faces while offering 180 degrees view. 

With a comfortable and leak-free silicone face seal, kids can have non-stop fun underwater knowing that their safety is guaranteed. The soft silicone has straps for easy adjustment to give kids a perfect and watertight fit. It has a mouthpiece made of food-grade material making it safe for the teeth while mitigating jaw fatigue. This snorkel set is durable and includes a waterproof bag to help kids quickly pick their gear and head for the beach.

WACOOL Snorkeling Gear Set


  • Anti-fog tempered glass – A foggy mask can distort your kid’s vision while swimming underwater. The WACOOL snorkeling gear set has an anti-fog and impact-resistant tempered glass to ensure kids have clear and bright vision no matter the depth reached underwater. 
  • 100% leak-proof – Unexpected leaks can mar kids’ fun. This product is leak-free. The splash guard creates an anti-splash system that stops water in its tracks. This ensures that the breathing tube is always dry. It is even made better by a purge valve that drains the water in a jiffy. 
  • Safe to use mouthpiece – The mouthpiece is safe to use as it is made from professional grade silicone. The silicone is extremely soft. It eliminates lip and gum irritation that kids may suffer if the mouthpiece is made from toxic material.

The WACOOL snorkeling gear is impressive with its mask that perfectly fits kids and most adults. It has a top-grade silicone skirt with adjustable straps that fit nearly all face shapes. It also prevents leaks to keep kids safe and comfortable while swimming underwater. Kids would enjoy maximum visibility with the anti-fog coated glass that doesn’t hinder vision or cause distortions.  

Another outstanding feature of this product is the splash guard at the top of the tube that prevents the entry of water into the snorkel. There is also a purge valve that drains water almost immediately.

Cressi Marea Junior Snorkeling Mask


  • Adjustable mask – The mask comes with micrometric buckles so you can easily adjust the strap length to fit the head of any kid no matter the age.
  • Dual tempered glass lenses – The glass lenses are tempered glass. These lenses prevent blurred vision while underwater. This is made possible by its low profile design that offers clear underwater visibility. 
  • Soft silicone skirt – The silicone skirt is amazingly soft and comfortable. Kids won’t experience irritations with this skirt since it soothes their skin. It also has a good seal that prevents the penetration of water.

Cressi is a top brand known for quality products. And this Cressi Marea Junior snorkeling mask is no exception. The mask combines quality with affordability to stand out from the crowd. The dual tempered glass offers clear visibility whether you are snorkeling or scuba diving. It has a low profile design that makes it stay closer to the eyes thereby ensuring that kids have a wide view of vision at all times. 

The mask will stay comfortably fit since it is equipped with buckles to easily adjust the length of the strap. With a soft nose pocket, kids won’t complain of nose fatigue. The 100% silicone skirt is incredibly soft and comfortable too. It is very soothing to the skin. There is a valve at the top of the snorkel that prevents water from entering the tube. This makes the kids feel safe all the time.

Buyers guide for the Best Snorkel Mask Set for Kids

Choosing the best snorkel mask for kids is not like picking toys off the shelf. Different factors must be considered before selecting one. Here are some of the factors you must have at the back of your mind:

  1. Glass lenses – Choosing a snorkel mask made of tempered glasses is a good choice. Tempered glass is sturdy and can also withstand impact. It is also highly durable and offers clear visibility while underwater. Some masks also come with plastic lenses. Plastic lenses are made from polypropylene. They are strong and prevent UV rays. However, plastic lenses get scratched easily when compared to tempered glass lenses. 
  2. Anti-fog – The glass lenses on the mask should be anti-fog to eliminate the issue of fogging. Ensure that you choose the one that is coated with defogging agents so that kids can maintain clear visibility whilst underwater. Use these tips to ensure your mask doesn’t fog before hitting the water.  
  3. Straps – Don’t overlook the need for straps when choosing a snorkel mask. The mask usually has an adjustable buckle to help give any kid a perfect fit. Choose a mask with silicone straps rather than the ones made of rubber or nylon.
  4. Skirt – The skirt is a critical part of the mask. There may be leaks if the mask doesn’t have a perfect seal on the face. Adjusting the mask every time while underwater can be tiresome. As such, it is recommended that you choose a mask with a wider skirt to have a watertight seal on the kid’s face.
  5. Fins – The fins are very important in any snorkeling adventure. Fins help you to explore more areas underwater without getting tired. They are also lifesavers in case you suddenly swim to an area with a strong current. You can either choose short or long fins. Short fins are highly recommended because they are durable and help kids to change direction pretty quickly whilst underwater. 
  6. Snorkel – There are semi-dry and dry snorkels. 
  • Semi-dry snorkel – This type of snorkel comes with a valve at the top to prevent splashes of water from finding their way into the tube.
  • Dry snorkel – The dry snorkel is a tube with a valve at the top to prevent water from getting inside it. With this type of snorkel, you can swim safely and breathe comfortably without swallowing water in mild waves. The dry snorkel is recommended for safety and comfort.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can glasses be worn under the mask?
Answer: No, this is not recommended because it will affect the seal of the mask. However, you can wear an optical mask or contact lenses underneath the mask.
Can you swim below the waterline using a dry snorkel? 
Answer: Yes, you can because water won’t get into the dry snorkel. However, you will have to hold your breath while you are underwater until you return to the surface.

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How can I maintain my snorkeling gear? 
Answer: Seawater can destroy snorkeling equipment pretty fast. So, ensure that you rinse everything with clean water after each usage. Allow them to dry very well before you pack them.

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The Best Value

The safety and comfort of your kids are of utmost importance when choosing the best snorkel mask set for them. All the reviewed products were carefully selected based on quality, sturdiness, performance and functionality. Choose one based on your needs, budget, and style!